Peace or Panic?

What do you do when bad news comes your way? Do you go into panic mode? Do you start calling everyone you know begging them to join you in prayer? Or do you have a very private panic attack? Yesterday, my daughter received a long anticipated email from her university. While it wasn't anything tragic, it wasn't necessarily the news she wanted. She was disappointed and close to tears when she called to share the news. She said couldn't really talk then because she was supposed to be meeting people but wanted me to know. I remember my brother making a similar [...]

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Is it time to get your eyes checked?

Do you wear glasses? Contact lenses? My whole life I've had 20/15 vision. My mother used to call me Hawkeye because I could see things so well both close up and far away. Then I turned forty-five years old and everything changed. My friends had warned me about turning forty. They'd say, Once you turn forty it's all down hill." I'm more of a glass half full than half empty kind of girl, so I wouldn't give any credence to what they said. At forty-five it became harder to read at night. Then it became a little more difficult to [...]

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Don’t leave home without it!

Nanny Are you a clothes horse? The kind of person who loves planning out an outfit for the day the night before, right down to your accessories? Or are you the kind of person that reaches in your closet and whatever your hand lands on is what you're going to wear? My grandmother, Nanny, was a sassy dresser.  Her outfits would coordinate down to her shoes and handbag.  In fact, shoes and handbags were her weakness. She always looked like a class act, as if she stepped out of a magazine.  As she grew older, she developed Alzheimer's [...]

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