Bridge of Spies

Do you enjoy going to the movies? I love movies because I love the concept of story. I love getting to know new characters, traveling to different places, seeing different cultures, and trying to solve the problem of the story before it is revealed. I like many different kinds of movies: Romance Suspense Thriller (but not horror movies) Historical Drama Comedy This weekend I saw Bridge of Spies. It takes place during the Cold War. A KGB spy, Rudolf Abel, is arrested and put on trial as such. Abel's court appointed attorney, James Donovon, played by Tom Hanks, is tasked with providing [...]

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You’ve Got Mail!

Do you like receiving mail?  I don’t particularly enjoy weeding through the junk mail or the bills, but there’s something exciting about looking down and seeing a card or letter addressed to me.  It speaks volumes before it’s ever opened.  It says someone was thinking of me, but they didn’t stop there.  They thought of me and then took the time to write a card or letter to me.  It says they care and they value me. Today people tend to receive email rather than mail. Back in 1998 Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks starred in a movie called You’ve [...]

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