Did you know God is southern?

Do you call the evening meal supper or dinner? According to a poll taken by the women of Wesley United Methodist Church, supper is the more common term for the evening meal.  God backs them up.  The word supper is used in the Bible more frequently than dinner. However you say it, the evening meal is typically the time when families relax, gather together, and share about their days. My favorite part of the meal has always been dessert.  I have a huge sweet tooth.  I loved it when my mom would make chocolate chip cookies.  They're the best, especially [...]

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Pack your bags?

Have you ever been on a retreat? There are all types of retreats.  There's business retreats, family retreats, planning retreats and the most common, spiritual retreats. It is a time to get away from your normal ebb and flow of life and focus on the Lord. Jesus was a believer in retreats.  Luke 5:16 says, But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed."  Our lives are so busy.  Sometimes we meet ourselves coming and going we have so much on our plate. It is important to have time alone with the Lord to settle our hearts and step into [...]

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