Your Who or Your Do?

Do you sit still very often? My mother will tell you that even when I sit some part of me is in motion. If I'm honest, it's usually my mouth. I tell people I've been given the spiritual gift of blab. The reality is I talk a lot. Even if I'm not talking, my leg is swinging or my knee is bouncing or something is moving. When I was little, my grandmother would say, She is such a busy little thing." I'm a doer. I guess I'm more like Martha, in that I'm always doing something [Luke 10:38-42]. So many [...]

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How often do we ask ourselves these questions? If you like me, you ask at least one a day, if not many of the multiple times. This morning, I was reading in the book of Acts and came across Acts 20:22, which caused me to pause: And now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there." Have you ever done this? Have you ever started moving forward in a direction you felt the Lord prompting you to go when you had absolutely no clue what would happen or where you'd land? [...]

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