What does your label say?

Have you bought a new computer lately? This past weekend when I tried to pull something up on my computer, I found a black screen. There was no life left in the thing. It was plugged in and the battery had charged overnight; however, it still wouldn't turn on. Right after church I went to BestBuy to see what they had to offer. Fortunately, the sales associate, Stephen, knew practically everything about every computer they had available. He asked what I used a computer for and then took me right to the ones that would best serve my needs. My [...]

Look what I found this morning…

  Look what I found this morning........ Do you have teenagers? They're an adventure. You never know what life is going to be like with teenagers around. They leave you all sorts of wonderful gifts around the house: dirty shoes on the floor, dirty dishes in odd places, and occasionally, they'll even leave you empty Gatorade jugs in your refrigerator. Seriously? Who does that? Especially when there are other choices. You can either put it in the sink to be washed (or if you're really amazing, you could wash it and put it away) or you can make [...]

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Guess what I dug up?

Do you like colorful flowers in your yard?  I do.  I can blame it on my grandmother. Her yard always looked like the cover of a Southern Living magazine.  She would spend hours in her yard each day, pulling weeds, digging in the dirt and creating a spread of color that would rival a paint palette.  It took a lot of work on her part, but she was always pleased with her results and said it was more than worth the time she dedicated to it. I did some digging of my own. I didn't pull out my gardening gloves or [...]

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