Got room?

Got room? How crazy is your average day? Are you able to fit everything into your schedule? Get everyone up Make breakfast Clean up the kitchen Shower and get yourself dressed Work all day Swing by the grocery store to pick up something to cook for dinner Or is it hit the drive through Clean up after dinner Help with homework Straighten the house for the next day Tuck everyone into bed At some point try to squeeze in a workout Have a conversation with your spouse Does that about sum up your day? It's crazy isn't it? And it [...]

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What or who is number one?

Do you have a Facebook page? I do and I am on it fairly regularly, posting articles on sex trafficking as well as praises for great things that happen in the fight. I tend to skim over other things, trying to avoid being sucked in for hours. Sometimes there are stories and posts that just draw you in and demand your attention. This morning I read a post by a friend who shared a conversation between her and a little boy God has brought into her life. It was precious. He wanted to know, ...what's more important, worshiping God or getting [...]

What You Need to Know About Retirement No Matter Your Age

Are you retired? When I left teaching to have my first child, I told my husband I was retiring. I had no intention of going back into the classroom to teach. I wanted to stay home with my children.  Fortunately, we were on the same page. While I retired from teaching in a traditional classroom, I've never stopped teaching.  My classroom just looks a little less conventional today. It may be a coffee shop with two or three students, a church gathering or a safe house where survivors of sex trafficking are living. Retirement is not found in the Word [...]

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Who are you working for?

Do you like your job? Does it show? One of my favorite places to go for a Chai Latte is the Daily Grind. I especially love going there when my "adopted" son, Whit, is working because he loves his job and it shows. He doesn't just go through the motions as the clock ticks by. He does everything with a genuine smile and with love. Yesterday I had a meeting at the Daily Grind and Whit happened to be working. The woman I was meeting knows I love their Chai Latte so she had already ordered and paid for my [...]

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How do you rest?

Do you know how to rest? Do you know how to sit back, relax and not feel guilty? If I'm honest, I struggle with it. It only takes one glance at the news or a newspaper to see all the need and pain in our world today. I have said more than once in my lifetime, I'll rest when I get to heaven." Well, four times in the past 72 hours, I've been confronted with the concept of the Sabbath rest. First, my husband and I are taking a class at church called Money and the Prosperous Soul, which focuses [...]

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How to always get it right!

Are you a perfectionist?  Do you do things over and over until you get them right? Or are you more of a get it done, turn it in and move on kind of person?  I believe you should always put your best foot forward as the saying goes. When I taught kindergarten I had a student named Andy who hadn't quite learned that lesson.  Andy preferred not to be bothered with work, especially work that wasn't of his choosing.  One day I gave the class an assignment and Andy scribbled something down on his paper and handed it to me [...]

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