I heard several news reports yesterday stating the American people would be going through election withdrawal now and wouldn’t know what to do without news stories or advertisements about the election. Are you kidding me? I’ve never been so glad for an election to be over in my life. I was so tired of the mud slinging.
So, were you happy with the turn out of the election? If you’re like me, some of the candidates you voted for won and some of them didn’t. Now, we have to come under their leadership whether we like them or not. What do you do?
I was reading in 2 Samuel about king David crying out to God for his child’s life. The story is found in 2 Samuel 12:16-23. The entire time his son was fighting death, king David fasted and prayed, interceding without ceasing. Once the child died, David washed, dressed and worshipped the Lord. There is a lesson for us all in this story that applies to life right here in 2008.
We all prayed and some fasted for this election. We cried out for our candidates to win and even did our own version of stumping with God to convince Him our candidate should be selected. Now, it’s over. The candidates who didn’t win their position had their dreams die and they’ve gone home. Those who won are preparing to take office. So, the example of king David tell us we should do?
He cleaned up– Does your mouth honor those who won, even if you don’t like them or does it need a little cleaning up? He dressed preparing for His day– Do you spend time with the Lord each morning preparing for your day or do you need to reorganize your mornings to give God time? He worshipped God– No matter who won any position of office, God is still on the throne, worship Him.
Yet again, the Lord has proven to me how accurate and relevent the Bible is to life today. How about you?