I have never had a lot of balance. Growing up, I was told due to the number of inner ear infections I experienced as a child, balance might be an issue for me. In high school, our youth group would have skate nights at the roller rink and I would always dread them. Everyone was bound and determined they were going to teach me how to roller skate. It always ended the same; I would be on the floor with whoever felt the need to teach me to skate right beside me.
I remember one time in particular our youth group had traveled to Hickory, North Carolina to sing for two different churches. We had finished our morning performance and decided to go skating before the evening service to kill time. The mission of the group was to get Susan to skate around the rink at least once without falling. Five of my friends gathered around me. They were bound and determined to make it happen. They had come up with a plan of success, or so they thought.
I had one on either side of me, one skating backwards in front of me (show off) and two behind me, all telling me what I needed to do. Little did they know their lives were at risk. It really didn’t take long before they all came tumbling down with me and we were a pile of bodies in the middle of the skating rink. They finally threw in the towel and labeled me hopeless.
Recently, working out with my trainer, Karen, I have been faced with my balance issues again. Karen has informed me my lack of balance is due to my lack of strength in my core and she has promised me as I build up strength in my core, my balance will improve. I am finally seeing evidence of it happening. Praise God, I’m not a lost cause when it comes to balance.
My new found balance really spoke to me on a spiritual level. So many people walk around us today who seem “off balance” for lack of a better phrase. Maybe they aren’t happy, aren’t positive people, and overall feel down and depressed. Or maybe they have a mixed up set of priorities and seek things or other people to satisfy them.
Christ and our relationship with Him are at the very core of who we are and who we were created to be. If we are lacking in a relationship with Him or if the relationship isn’t strong, then our core isn’t strong and we aren’t very balanced. To have physical balance, I have to work daily on building my core strength. It is improving but it takes a commitment from me- time spent building up that strength. To have a healthy and balanced life, we have to dedicate time daily to strengthening our relationship with Christ, and then the balance will come. Our God is a relational God and He created us for relationship, first with Him and then with others.
Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”(KJV) All includes balance. So, are you ready for a workout? Will you make it a priority in your life?