A few months ago while I was on a date with Jesus, I felt like He told me to buy a picture for my powder room downstairs. He didn’t tell me what to buy, but just told me to go to the Christian bookstore and I would know it when I saw it. So, after meeting with my FCA leaders, I drove to Sweet Spirit and began looking for a picture for my powder room. Knowing the powder room is hardly the size of a coat closet helped me. I knew the picture wouldn’t be a large one. It had to be small enough to hang above the toilet. While they had many prints and scriptures framed, they all were too large for my space. Then I saw it. I laughed out loud. Don’t you just love when the Lord has a sense of humor? It was the Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know I am God.” Good one, God. Be still hanging over the toilet. Too funny!
I bought the picture, brought it home, and hung it in the powder room. Then I realized why I needed that particular picture. I pass that room a hundred times a day. He wanted to pound the message into my mind.
Do you find yourself to be more of a Mary or a Martha personality? Most of the women I know, myself included, are doers. We want to help by doing, fixing, a steady flow of motion and activity.
Being still before the Lord isn’t a passive act. It requires great effort, especially for the Martha mentality. When we are still before the Lord, we release our part of doing. We surrender our claim on the task at hand. We rest in Him and then we see His mighty hand at work in the miracle of God…sometimes in bold action and sometimes in quiet action, but always God’s action.
Today, find a quiet place and be still before the Lord. You may be amazed by what you experience.