I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. I have deadlines coming up quickly and then there is my fulltime job, wife-mother-housekeeper-cook, which continues to demand my time. I looked around my house the other day and determined my children could have a head start on their science fair projects. The data was already available for photographing.
As I was making a mental note of all the things I needed to do, I heard the Lord quietly remind me “my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” [Matthew 11:30] and reality hit me square in the face and nearly knocked me down.
Of all the things that I “have” to do today, what will matter in 10 years? What will matter in 20 years? What will have an impact on eternity? Will my children remember the carpet was spotless and the laundry was all put away? NO! [Thank goodness!] They will remember if I held them. They will remember if I listened to them when they needed to talk. My friends will remember if I was available to them when they needed me. When I pour myself into relationships or spend my time sharing the Gospel with others then I am investing in things with eternal value and it will be remembered.
So I made myself a promise today…I am only going to do what God has called me to do for the day. Everything else I am laying aside. I am choosing to ignore the pressures of the enemy and take on the joy of the Lord. I will no longer be under Satan’s yoke [a.k.a. busy]. I am choosing to take on the yoke of Jesus instead! Now that’s a load off my shoulders!