It’s amazing the things you can learn from the Lord while watching a basketball game. The Hillgrove Hawks seventh grade girl’s basketball team played in the final four last night. They were matched up with a team that was known to be one of the best. In the very beginning, the Hawks came out strong and it was basket for basket; tied most of the way. By half time, the other team had pulled away with a pretty strong lead. With minutes to go, the Hawks were down by 12 points and it looked like the game was over. However, the Hawks did not look at their opponent and back down, nor did they give up. They continued to push and push and push. They ended up winning the ballgame by 3 points in the last seconds. It was an amazing game to watch and taught many lessons for us all.
First, we should not focus on our opponent, but we should focus on our goal. As long as Peter kept his eyes on the goal of Jesus, he was able to walk on water. The moment he turned his eyes to the raging storm, he was sunk, literally [Matthew 14:22-32].
Second, don’t give up. Persist in going after the things we want and need. The widow who continued to persist in her cry for help was rewarded by the judge for her tenacity [Luke 18:1-8]. Finally, when the game was over, the girls took time to rest. We need to take time daily to rest in the Lord [Psalm 62:5].
What is God speaking to you today as you go about your daily routine? Just ask Him. He’s dying to tell you.