I love to read a good story. If I have a good novel, I can sit down and read all day. I will get lost in the book. The Bible has many wonderful stories in it that read like a novel. It is full of romance, suspense, action and mystery.
One of my favorite Old Testament stories is found in 1 Kings 18:21-39. It is the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. I find myself giggling at the way Elijah torments the prophets of Baal when their god doesn’t show up. Then Elijah cries out to the Lord asking Him to show up and show out so they will know He is the one true God. When the fire comes down and consumes everything, I find myself wanting to stand up and yell, “Yeah! My Daddy is bigger than your daddy! My Daddy’s bigger than your daddy.”
Elijah knew who his Daddy was. He knew the Lord intimately. He knew the Lord’s character and he knew the Lord’s heart. He was willing to risk. He called down heaven with more witnesses than you or I could imagine. God showed up in such a mighty way those witnessing proclaimed, “The Lord, He is God!”
So, why are we afraid to risk? Do we think God won’t show up? Do we think we’ll look foolish in front of others? I believe if we knew our Father the way Elijah knew Him, we wouldn’t hesitate. We would constantly look for chances to testify about our Daddy.
We can have the same level of intimacy with the Lord Elijah experienced. We have to be willing to make time with Him a priority and we have to “Be still…” {Psalm 46:10} and listen to what He wants to say to us. We have to realize prayer time isn’t about giving Him a laundry list of what we need from Him. It is a time to build a relationship with Him. We have to spend time with our nose in the greatest book ever written so we learn the character of our Father. The Bible is a love letter written to you from the Father. He reveals Himself to you over and over in this book.
Your Daddy always has your back, it doesn’t matter who comes knocking at your door. He tells you so over and over in His Word. So, are you willing to risk?