What is it about the sun going down that causes the enemy to raise his ugly head? It is like dark-thirty is his happy hour or something. Last night around midnight my son came into my room bothered by some things that were on his mind keeping him from going to sleep. Every time he tried to close his eyes and go to sleep, that nagging voice kept tormenting him. He came to me and asked me what he could do to get some sleep.
To really make my point, I knew I had to talk to him in his language. Sam loves sports. He has played baseball, basketball, and now the sport is lacrosse. I reminded him of all of the strength training the coach had him doing before the season began. He would work hard practicing the skill drills for the game, but he also had to do exercises to build his endurance and strengthen his muscles. Sam’s been around me enough to know where I was going with this analogy.
Spiritual muscles need to be strengthened too. We can’t just join the team and sit around waiting for a battle. We have to be in the Word, filling our minds with Scripture so WHEN the attacks come, we are primed for battle and ready to go. In Matthew 4, Jesus is challenged three times by Satan. Three times, Jesus shut him down because He knew the Word and He delivered.
Are you building your spiritual muscles? Are you investing time daily in the Word and with the Lord? When you do, you will be able to put the enemy in his place and rest in peace…peace that surpasses earthly understanding [Philippians 4:7].