Laura had her 13th birthday party last night. We had food, a DJ, and 25 middle school students there. The kids who came were all her classmate from school with the exception of 4 girls. These four girls have been friends of hers since she was a year old. They’ve managed to stay close through the years even though they go to 5 different schools and 2 different churches. They are the “given” whenever Laura has an event where she gets to invite friends.
Everyone had a great time last night dancing and singing and just being kids. The party ended at 10 p.m. and the fabulous five stayed and helped me clean everything up and then headed to our house for a sleepover.
Once we unloaded everything, Laura sat down to open her gifts from the party. She was blessed with a lot of beautiful things, but one thing stood out to her. It was something others might pass over, but to Laura it was priceless. It was a picture of the girls dressed in their Halloween costumes at the church festival when they were four years old. She screamed when she opened it and all of them gathered around to looked at it and go down memory lane. It was another beautiful picture to see them all gathered together.
God looks at us and our situations and He doesn’t see it the way the world does anymore than Laura looked at the framed picture like everyone else at the party would have. To her, it was priceless. To God, you are priceless. Your situation, no matter what it looks like, has purpose. God wastes nothing and sees value in everything. Isaiah 55:8 tells us “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.
If you will take time to sit with the Lord and ask Him what He thinks of you, He will tell you. He may speak it to you or He may reveal it to you in His Word. If you ask Him to show you the value of a situation, He will. Sometimes it will be in the middle of the situation and other times it will come after the situation has long passed. God is mysterious and He has secrets, but He is willing to share them with those who seek to learn them.
Have you sought Him and talked with Him about your life lately? What does God think of you? Have you ever asked Him? Today would be a great time to start.