Has it been raining where you live? We’ve had almost three weeks of rain. The past 48 hours have been unbelievable. The down pouring of rain we’ve experienced is greater than I’ve ever seen personally. There have been rivers of water flowing over roadways and front yards have become lakes. There have been a lot of jokes about Noah and needing and ark. It caused me to go to the Word and read a little about Noah. He was an amazing man of God.
At 500 years old, he became a father [Genesis 5:32]. Now if that wasn’t enough of a miracle, you read on and continue to be blown away by this man. When the entire existence of creation grieved the heart of God to the point He wanted to destroy everything He ever made, Noah found favor with God [Genesis 6:8]. He found favor with God because “he walked with God.” He didn’t go ahead of Him with his own agenda. He had a relationship with God and received guidance and direction in daily life from Him. Do you walk with God? Do you talk with Him daily and seek His guidance and direction?
In Genesis 6, God gave Noah instructions to build an ark. God is very detailed in His instructions, down to the type of wood Noah must use. Then God tells Noah why he is to build the ark. Noah responds by saying, “Oh, come on, they haven’t been that bad. I know they’ve sinned, but total destruction…really?” Of course Noah didn’t respond that way. Noah was obedient to do what God called Him to do. Verse 22 says “Thus Noah did; according to all that God had commanded him, so he did.” He didn’t question God. He didn’t complain about how long it was taking. He was simply obedient to the call. Keep in mind; it took Noah 125 years to build this ark. You have to know over 125 years, someone had to come along and crack a joke or two about what he was doing. Someone had to come along and point out they didn’t live near the ocean. However, Noah continued to do what God had told him to do.
How many times has God called you to do something and you’ve waffled? How many times have the opinions of others mattered more to you than the opinion of God?
God has a Kingdom calendar He is operating from and what seems like a long time to us doesn’t to Him [Psalm 90:4]. When we have an intimate relationship with God and He calls us to do something, we need to trust Him – like Noah- and move forward. Forget what others think about you, because if God called you to do something, He will prove faithful. After all, the flood came and Noah was on the ark. What do you think the people thought of Noah when the rain began to fall and collect at their feet?
Don’t just give lip service to your faith. Walk it out!