Do you ever wonder if what you do in this life makes a difference? Do you feel like you’re trying to be a light and a witness to those around you but your not sure if anyone is paying attention? God never told us to focus on the results. He simply told us to be obedient to the call to spread His love and His story.
There once was a man who was talking with God and he told God he loved Him so much and he would do whatever God wanted him to do. God took the man to a hillside and showed him a boulder that was only partway up the hill. God told the man He wanted him to push the rock. Day after day, the man would go to the hillside and push the rock. After several days, he got frustrated because the rock wasn’t budging. He tried to come up with ways to gain leverage to get the rock moving and nothing seemed to work.
Some days, other people would pass him on the hillside as they pushed rocks up to the top of the hill. They would come down elated, because they had reached the top of the mountain. He felt like a failure because they had reached the top and he hadn’t reached one inch in progress.
After many, many days of pushing the rock, the man fell to His knees, gave up in exhaustion and cried out to God. “God, I am a failure. The rock has not budged an inch in a month’s time of pushing on it each and every day. I have no place in your Kingdom. Others have passed me by many times and I am still in the same place I started.” He was discouraged and wanted to quit. God, in His tender loving care, wrapped His arms around the man to comfort him. “My child, I never asked you to take this boulder to the top of the hill. I simply asked you to push the rock.”
Are you in a place right now were you feel like you’re seeing no progress in what the Lord has called you to do? Have you talked to Him about it? He may be teaching you simple lessons of obedience and perseverance in your situation. Do not compare yourself to others and their calling. Do not allow frustration to overtake you. Seek the Lord’s direction, listen carefully, and then do what He says. If you do, you’ll be blessed.
1 Corinthians 3:6 says “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.” We each have our role in life. Some of us are planters, some of us are called to water, but ultimately only God makes things grow.