Do you consider yourself blessed? Take a moment to think about your life, your circumstances, your relationships, your job, your home situation, your faith. I believe anyone who knows Jesus personally is truly blessed. There are so many people who walk on this globe and do not know of Him, let alone know Him.
Abraham did not have his extended family around him; he had no place to call home; he wandered for a large part of his life and in his old age he still didn’t have a son to call his own, yet the Lord called him blessed. In Genesis 12:2 the Lord said to Abraham “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.” As descendants of Abraham, we are blessed and we are called to be a blessing to others [Genesis 26:3].
What are you doing to bless others? Do you ever think about it? Do you choose your words wisely so you are speaking blessings instead of curses? Remember your words have power and you have the ability to bless or curse with all you say. Speak blessings.
Are you blessing others with your resources? Ezekiel 44:30 tells us when we give then blessing comes back to us for our faithfulness.
Are you blessing others with your actions? Would your actions be proof to others you are a child of God or would they be evidence to prove you do not know Him [Titus 1:16]?
Each day we are given 24 hours. What we do in that 24 hours is up to us. We have the opportunity to pass on the blessings from God or to horde them for ourselves. Those who pass on the blessings find themselves blessed also. It is the economy of God. You cannot out give Him with your words, your actions, your resources, or your time. Test Him in this and you’ll find yourself overwhelemed with His blessings.
Those who hold back on giving to others not only have no joy of their own, but they bring no joy to the Father [3 John 1:4]. Choose to be a blessing today. You will bless not only those you seek to bless, but you will also bless the Father and find yourself blessed as well. Now that is the greatest deal around….three for the price of one.