Have you ever had your feet washed by someone? It is a very humbling experience. You simply have to sit and be served. You bring nothing to the experience except your obedience, which is sometimes the hardest gift to give.
Peter understood this. I love Peter. I think he is probably my favorite disciple because I relate to him. He always seemed to live in the moment with every ounce of his being, holding nothing back. Sometimes it brought him great blessing, sometimes trouble.
In John 13:5-10, we find Jesus teaching His disciples how to truly serve by lowering themselves to the lowest position possible. Jesus got up form the table, removed His garments, picked up a towel and proceeded to wash the feet of the disciples- one at a time. I get the impression He took great time and care with each disciple, rushing nothing. For someone like Peter, the process was painstaking. As Jesus moved through the group one by one, Peter became more aware of his filth and sin. In verse 8 he tells Jesus “Never shall you wash my feet!” The very thought of the Son of God bending down to wash His feet was unthinkable to Peter. He knew he wasn’t worthy of such an act of love, yet Jesus corrected Peter in love and told him if He didn’t was his feet then Peter had no part of Him. Peter, the ever impulsive one, declared, “Lord, then wash not only my feet, but also my hands and my head.”
Peter didn’t understand. When we come into the family of Christ, He washes our whole body with His blood and we are made clean. Our feet, however, tend to collect dirt and dust- sin- as we walk through this world. We must come to Jesus daily so He can wash our feet and make us whole again. This is a critical practice to develop if we are take part in all Jesus is doing on the earth. Mark 1:35 tells us even Jesus met with the Father very early in the morning to pray and talk through the things on His heart.
Are your feet dirty? Do you desire to be totally clean before you face your day? Take a moment and sit before the Lord in humble obedience and allow Him to serve you so you can then serve Him.