Have you received a Christmas card via email this year? The use of technology in our world today is mind boggling to say the least. At times I feel like I need to take a college refresher course just to stay afloat. Between texting, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, MyLife, Emails, and cell phones (and I am sure I left something out) we are all connecting with more people yet having fewer intimate relationships. It is like our social connections are becoming a mile wide and only an inch deep.
If you look up the word relationship, you’ll find it means connecting or binding two together. If you embrace the word “binding” then you rule out a lot of the contacts on the networking engines out there as real relationships.
The Lord created us for relationships- with Him and with others. In fact, it is so important to Him, He made it a commandment and stated it to be the greatest of all [Matthew 22:36-39]. These are God’s guidelines for relationships. They take time, effort, and commitment, whether you’re talking about your relationship with the Lord or a family member or friends.
This holiday season, instead of spending so much time rushing around trying to find the perfect gift that will go out of style in a year’s time, invest in something that never goes out of style and will give you a high return on your investment-relationships!