Don’t you just love Christmas morning? I love almost everything about it. I love waking up with excited children- no matter how old they are. I love gathering around our Nativity set to bow in prayer and thank the Lord for loving us enough to come to earth. I love passing out presents and watching everyone tear into them to see what they have received.
I get a bit frustrated by people who untape every place that is taped and neatly fold the wrapping paper as they unwrap their gift. Good grief, you’re not going to reuse the gift wrap and show a little excitement. Tear into the thing. The wrapping may be beautiful, but the gift is what is inside.
Christmas is the celebration of the gift God gave us over 2000 years ago. He knew we were a train wreck without divine intervention, so He sent His Son to rescue us [Romans 3:23, John 3:16]. In order to have the benefits of Jesus coming to earth, we must receive Him. We must embrace Who He is and what He did for us and accept it. Just like the gifts you open on Christmas morning, you don’t benefit from the gifts if you don’t receive them.
Some of us have our arms full of burdens we’ve carried around for years. These are things we were never designed to carry. God always intended for us to give Him our burdens and our sorrow, our struggles and our pain [1 Peter 5:7]. Only when we dump all of it at His feet are our arms open to receive Him.
I pray this Christmas you open your arms wide and receive all the Lord has for you. His desire is to bless you abundantly [John 10:10]. Don’t get so caught up in the trappings of Christmas- the wrapping if you will- that you fail to get to THE gift of Christmas…Jesus!