Are you a gadget person? My husband loves gadgets and he has been trying to convince me I need a GPS system so he can give it to me for Christmas or my birthday or some other occasion. In reality, I think he wants a GPS system, but he just doesn’t want to admit it. What is it about men not wanting to ask for directions?
GPS systems are very popular right now. Many of my friends got them for Christmas. Some cars even come with GPS systems in them when you purchase them. They are great because you enter the address of your desired destination and a female voice gives you step by step directions. They are especially helpful if you’ve never traveled the way you are supposed to go. They prevent you from getting lost along the way and wasting a lot of time. As long as you listen to the directions and follow them, you will reach your destination.
Tom Tanner says we all have a form of a GPS system within us. It is the Holy Spirit. Jesus told the disciples it was for our benefit He leave so the Counselor [aka. the Holy Spirit] would come and guide us in all truth [John 16:5-15]. The Holy Spirit guides us and directs us in our journey. However, we need to listen to know what He is saying. If our radio is turned up too loud, it may drown out the voice of the GPS system in our car and we may miss our turn. If there is too much noise in our daily life, we may miss what the Holy Spirit is saying to us, causing us to lose our way [1 Kings 19:11-12]. When this happens in your car, the GPS system has to recalculate your way and you will end up taking longer to reach your destination and you may even be forced to turn around and back track. The Lord will not force us to go His way. He will patiently wait for us to seek His assistance. He is a gentleman. We have to choose to focus on His voice in order to stay on His path [Proverbs 3:5-6].
Take some time today to “Be still” [Psalm 46:10] and familiarize yourself with the Voice of your own personal GPS system. If you will learn what it sounds like and remain focused on it, you will never lose your way.