There is something about a newborn baby that draws people. Everyone wants to get a peak, everyone wants to hold the baby, and the women want to know the birth stats of the baby. Then it happens. We all begin to share the stories of when our babies were born. It comes out as if it was yesterday….so real you can almost touch it. It doesn’t matter if your “baby” is 2 or 52. I’ve heard it said that a baby is evidence God believes life should continue.

In John 3:1-17 we read about Nicodemus. Jesus tells him in order to enter heaven, he must be born again. Those who witness the second birth of an individual respond very similar to those who witnessed the first birth. They are excited and want to be near the new believer. There is an excitement in the air that is matchless. However, it tends to fade with the passing of time. Why is that? Why do we get so wrapped up in excitement and expectation when we attend sporting events or musical concerts, but we go to church or sit down to have our quiet time as if we’re on auto pilot? We don’t approach the Lord with the same eagerness and expectation.

Do we not realize the One we come to is far more magnificent than the entire sports team or band combined? He is able to do all things [Matthew 19:26]. There is no lack in God. He has wonderful secrets He desires to share with you, but you must call out to Him with an expectant heart [Jeremiah 33:3].

Seek the Lord today with eager anticipation of what He will do in and through you. He will not let you down. He is forever faithful to those who love Him [2 Chronicles 16:9]. As you grow closer to Him each day, He will reveal more and more to you. You will not be disappointed.