Could you go on “Let’s Make a Deal” and win because your handbag is filled with every possible thing imaginable? I am one who likes to be prepared. When I travel, I tend to take some things with me just in case.
There was a soldier deployed who rose early one morning to head into battle. He quickly found himself in the midst of heavy gunfire. One shot from his gun brought success. Then another….he was still safe. The third one bought him time to move towards escape. Then came a sound he didn’t want to hear…click, click…he was out of bullets. There he was in the middle of heavy gunfire and he was out of bullets. He had not taken the time to go by home base to reload for his day in the field and it could cost him his life.
How many of us find ourselves in the exact same situation? We get up and rush out the door ready to face our day only to find we say something hurtful we shouldn’t have said. Or we end up in an argument with someone leaving no evidence we’re a Christian. We must take time daily to go by home base and reload for the battle we face each day. We must take time daily to lay our agenda aside and take up the Lord’s if we are to fulfill our Kingdom destiny. We cannot do it on our own. Isaiah 64:6 reminds us all we have to offer on our own equates to filthy rags. We must sit before the Lord so He can download our daily supply of the fruit of the Spirit [Galatians 5:22-23].
We are reminded in Mark 1:35 the Lord rose very early in the morning to have time alone with the Father. If He was willing to sacrifice sleep to meet with the Father and knew it was necessary and He was God. How much more do we need to take the time to reload?
Will you be prepared for your day? Will you take time to sit at the Master’s feet like Mary [Luke 10:39] and allow Him to give you what you need to face the world? Take a moment today and ask Him to give you all you need to survive. It is His desire and pleasure to do so.