Do you know you’re a big deal? You are! Most people think they only matter to one or two people in their sphere of influence, but I want to tell you that you are so much more.
Today is my birthday and as I sit at my computer and ponder what God would have me share with you, I have this overwhelming urge to tell you how precious you are to me and to Him. I thank God for you each and every morning as I sit down to write my posting, knowing you’ll be reading it. Many of you may not realize how treasured you are, how valued you are and that you are truly a BIG deal!
God created you in His image [Genesis 1:26] and He said it was good. He has declared you are fearfully and wonderfully made [Psalm 139:14]. You matter so much to Him, He was willing to set His crown aside, peel back the curtain of heaven, and step into earth in the form of a baby and then die on a cross for crimes He didn’t commit so He would not have to be separated from you [John 3:16]. You are the apple of His eye [Zechariah 2:8]. You, my friend, are a BIG deal! Walk in that reality today and if anyone starts to give you a hard time, just look at them and smile and say, “Hey, I’m a BIG deal!”