“Who would endorse your book?” That was the question the acquisition’s editor asked me as I sat across from him pitching my proposal. I began to furiously list the names of people I had some sort of relationship with who would possibly consider endorsing my book if I approached them. He sat there and looked at me and then said “What about a big name?” I wanted to say “What about one?” I mean, let’s face it, who do I know in high places? “You mean like Beth Moore or Kay Arthur?” I asked. “Exactly,” he replied. “Well, I don’t know Beth Moore or Kay Arthur, but if you do, feel free to ask them to endorse my book.”
Fortunately for me, this editor and I had gotten to know one another over the course of the week and we could spar with each other. As we talked, I sat there thinking how in the world is a new writer supposed to break into the industry if we don’t know someone in high places.
Fortunately for us as believers, we do know someone in high places. When we are trying to break through the gates of heaven with our prayer requests, we have someone on the inside pulling for us who will endorse us. Hebrews 7:25-28 tells us Jesus Himself intercedes for us before the Father. He is our inside Man.
Acts 2:33 says “Exalted to the right hand of God, He has received from the Father the promised Holy Spirit and has poured out what you now see and hear.” Jesus is sitting right beside God the Father. You can’t get any closer. He has the Father’s ear and He is endorsing us, interceding on our behalf. Now I have a lot of respect for Beth Moore and Kay Arthur, but I have the full endorsement of a higher power waiting to assist me and so do you.
I sat before this editor hoping to have him desire to publish my book. I brought the endorsements I had with me and had to rest on their names to get his attention and that of his publisher. As you sit before the Father today, share the desires of your heart with Him. With the endorsement of Jesus’ name, you will have His undivided attention.