Are you a prissy girl or are you more of a rough and tumble girl? I personally believe there is a desire inside of each girl to feel like a princess at some point and time in her life. My niece, Haley, is anything but prissy. She is wide open and full speed ahead in almost everything she does. She loves her football jersey, watches sports with her daddy, and loves to bang on her drum, but I saw evidence of the princess desire when we went shopping.
She and I were in TJ Maxx and she came walking up with a Princess Travel Kit wanting to take it home with her. Knowing my brother’s attempts to make her anything but prissy, I had to buy it. We opened it in the store and put everything on her immediately. Now instead of gliding through the store twirling around, she waved her wand saying “Hocus Pocus” because she watched Frosty the Snowman one too many times.
1 John 5:19 reminds us we are children of God. God refers to Himself in scripture as the King of kings [1 Timothy 6:15, Revelation 17:14; 19:16]. That being said, it is easy to determine if we are daughters of the King of kings, we are princesses. So many of us live life trying to attain status or titles or accomplish something great, but we’re already royalty. Our royalty isn’t because of birth order or something we’ve done to earn it; it is due to our relationship with the King.
If we would embrace our true identity, as daughters of the King, we would walk differently, talk differently, act differently and live differently. It’s time to stop believing what the world tells us we are and start embracing what the Word tells us about who we are.
Put on your tiara girls, you’re royalty! Take some time today with the King to find out what He has to say about you. You just might be surprised.