As a child did you ever walk or skip down a sidewalk hand and hand with your father? I am a daddy’s girl and I took every opportunity presented to hold on to my daddy’s hand. His hand always seemed so big and strong and I felt extremely safe and protected when he held mine.
I have many memories of walking hand in hand with Daddy. By holding on to me, he kept me close to him and out of harm’s way. If I tried to stray in a different direction, he could give me a gentle tug to direct me back to safety. When Daddy held onto my hand, I never felt like I was on a short leash. I felt treasured and special. He would set the pace of our walk. Sometimes we would skip along laughing and singing the whole way. Other times he would stop me to point out things I might have missed along the way. I can close my eyes and memories of these special times with my daddy flood my mind like pictures in a movie.
You might not have had a close relationship with your father. He might not have reflected love and kindness to you. Maybe you lost your father at a young age, so you didn’t have the opportunity to take longs walks with him hand in hand. Either way, your Father in heaven desires for you to be close to Him [Matthew 11:28, John 6:44]. When you place your hand in His, He keeps you from harm [Psalm 37:24]. When you walk with Him, He reveals things you might miss along the way [Jeremiah 33:3]. He keeps you on the right path [Proverbs 3:5-6]. No one can take your hand out of His [John 10:28]. It is truly the safest place to be.
Close your eyes? There stands your Daddy with His hand extended towards you. He wants you to walk with Him. Do you see Him? What are you waiting for? There is no better place to be than with Him.