Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. [Proverbs 3:5-6]

We made it! God is so faithful. We were able to go through the Atlanta airport without a single problem. One of the ladies checking us in said, “I just love people who go and help those babies in Africa.” She proceeded to process all of our tubs without spending great detail on their weight.
We boarded our plane and the door closed. The girls giggled like little school girls as they exclaimed, “We’re really doing this.” Our flight was fairly smooth. Some were able to twist and contort their bodies into positions to sleep. Gina, Kim, Susan, and Kellie did squats and stretches in the back of the plane where the flight attendants prepared meals. We became fast friends with the flight crew. Kim and Susan even helped them prepare and serve water to the plane. It was a riot.
Coming through the Accra airport was running flawless until we hit the customs counter. The woman in charge appeared to be in a bad mood. She immediately flagged us down and had us move all of our tubs aside. She said we had to have a tax exempt letter in order to bring our tubs into the country or pay a tax on them. I have never encountered this in all of my past trips. I got a check in my spirit and immediately called the Mozleys to see what we should do. They were unavailable. I tried to reach Pastor Joe Otsin in Kumasi and he was unavailable. Just as panic was about to take over, I felt the Lord say, “TRUST ME. I’m here. You can reach Me.”
I prayed and was led to pull out our itinerary and our schedule for the ladies retreat. I also had an email from the pastor about the event. I gave her a list of the pastors we would be assisting. The team was interceding like crazy. I could feel a shift in the ladies countenance. She said she would have to speak with one of the pastors. I was able to get Pastor Peter in Bolgatanga on the phone and he spoke with her. As we say in the south, she “gave him a piece of her mind.” When she finished, she handed me the phone. He told me not to worry. He was praying.
I looked at her and told her “We meant no disrespect to your or your position. We didn’t know we needed paperwork for you because we’ve never been required to have it in the past. Please, tell me what we need to do next time, because it is our desire to honor you and your position.” She told me it was the responsibility of the hosting pastor and for me not to worry. I asked her what we needed to do next and her reply was, “Go and bless the people of Ghana with your good works.”
The Lord is at working in Ghana already and He is blessing us so. We rounded the corner and heard Eddie scream, “Maame Susan!” We knew we were in good hands.
We’re now at the guest house and we’ve been fed like royalty and now we’re preparing for bed. Tomorrow we leave early in the morning to drive to Kumasi. Pray for sweet rest for us all.
Blessings to all of you from Africa!