Yes or no? What is your answer? Yes or no? “Well,” you say, “I don’t know the question.” If God is the one doing the asking, should it matter? Are you willing? No matter what it costs, no matter where it is, not matter what it is, would you be willing to answer a resounding “Yes!” to the Lord?
Isaiah was bold enough to do so. The Lord allowed Him to glimpse into the Throne room of heaven. Once inside, in the presence of the Living God, he saw himself for who he was and he fell face down [Isaiah 6:1-5]. Many of us stop right there and close the door on what follows. We get so bogged down on our sinfulness, we become ineffective for the Lord. Our focus is in instead of up. We look at what we’ve done instead of what He’s done. We focus on the skills we lack instead of the gifts He gives. When we stop there, the enemy wins. He kills us or at the very least he has certainly stolen our potential and destroyed any impact we may have had on the world for the Kingdom [John 10:10]. Is that where you want to let things end? Do you want him to win? If not, then press on.
Isaiah continues in verses 6-7 to show us how the Lord forgives, but he didn’t stop there. He didn’t just go from sinner to forgiven sinner. He pressed on in verse 8 to become a partner with the Living God. “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for Us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
Isaiah didn’t meekly whisper with his hand half raise. The very punctuation in his response demonstrates how he responded. He exclaimed with passion his declaration to go wherever the Lord would send him and do whatever the Lord called him to do. Was Isaiah certain of where the Lord was sending him? No! God didn’t say, “Whom shall I send to California?” He said “Whom shall I send?” There was no explanation about the where or the what, yet Isaiah was jumping up and down with his hand raised crying out “Send me! Send me!” He was ready to do whatever the Lord required.
What is God calling you to do? Where is He calling you to go? Is He calling you to sacrifice something or someone? What will your answer be? How will you respond? He’s asking. Yes or no?