Have you ever walked in the rain? I was taking a brisk walk with a friend this morning when it began to rain. The coolness of the water on my skin was so refreshing. Normally, when I’m out running errands, I try to avoid the rain. I tend to run from my car to the door of the house or the store because I don’t want to get wet. This morning, I was relishing the water. I saw the rain with a different perspective and saw it as good instead of a nuisance.
There are times when situations arise and we grumble about them or even pray for the Lord to take them away. We don’t recognize they may be blessings in disguise, divine ministry appointments or even answers to other prayers. We need to remember God’s sees things differently than we do [1 Samuel 16:7]. His ways are different than our ways [Isaiah 55:8]. What we see as a problem may actually be a solution in camouflage.
When I was in Ghana a few weeks ago, our accommodations fell through in the north, causing us to have to stay in a hotel. I had been to this particular hotel before and knew the manager was a hard woman who never seemed happy. I wasn’t looking forward to staying there because I wanted a peaceful place to rest in the evenings. Because we had no choice, we checked into the hotel and were given rooms. Before we had unpacked, one of my team members told me the manager had yelled at her because she wasn’t unlocking the door properly. I didn’t want to subject my team to this treatment, so I went out with the driver that evening to see if I could secure other arrangements. Every hotel was booked for the week. There was a conference of some sort in the area and there were no vacancies anywhere. I went back to the hotel frustrated and spent a long time in prayer about the situation.
The Lord woke me early the next morning to tell me “Her vessel is empty and yours is overflowing. Pour deeply into her and see what happens.” Over the next two days I did as the Lord instructed and had the pleasure of leading this dear woman to the Lord. Now, she is my sister in Christ and filled with the joy of the Lord. What looked like a difficult situations, which I preferred to avoid, turned out to be a divine appointment. I had asked the Lord to use our team in mighty ways in the north and He answered my prayer. Had we done things like I wanted, Janet would still be lost. Because we did things God’s way, I have a new sister in Christ and the Lord has a new warrior for Him in the northern region of Ghana.
What situation are you currently facing? Could it be a divine assignment or an answer to prayer in disguise? The only way to know for sure is to talk to Daddy about it and do as He directs. You may have a great opportunity before you just waiting for your obedience.