Are you struggling with something in life? }The greater the struggle; the more glorious the triumph.” This is a statement easily understood in the mission field. As you travel into a third world country filled with hopelessness and despair, you come across those who are like the bumblebee. They don’t know they aren’t supposed to fly, so they just do. These are the people who are more focused the greatness of their God than the enormity of their circumstances. They are brave, like Peter, and step out of the boat, because they would rather sink trying to walk on water than stay in the boat forever and miss the opportunity of a lifetime [Matthew 14:22-33].
I have had the privilege of knowing such a person. He is one who loves Jesus more than his next breath. He has worked for years as a driver for missionaries and short term mission teams. While in Ghana most recently, I witnessed my friend living a life of faith and walking out his destiny. My friend is not a driver. He is an evangelist. He has a passion and desire to share Jesus with everyone in his country. He travels to villages in the bush and shares Jesus with the people who live there. Sometimes it is done by showing a movie and other times it is by preaching a message. It is always done with selfless love and no financial compensation. He takes from the little he has and shares it with those he serves in the bush.
With each blessing he received, he talked of how he would use it to bless others [Acts 20:35]. He has lived a life of great struggle, but by keeping his focus on Jesus and what is possible with God, he is thriving [Luke 1:37].
What are your struggles today? Are you blinded by them or are you using them as a means to bless others and bring glory to God? What some view as a problem is simply an opportunity for God to move in mighty ways and reveal His glory to us. What are you waiting for? Ask Him to show you how to take lemons and make lemonade.