Hallelujah! We have a new brother in Christ!!! Throughout our stay in Kumasi, we have been getting to know Jacob and our hearts were desperate for him to know Jesus. We learned he has a wife, two sons and a daughter, so as we were packing our tubs for the north we pulled out clothing for each of the children, scented lotion for his wife and a shirt for him. We planned to give him all of those things along with the mission ball. I found Pastor Joseph and asked him if we could invite Jacob in to present him with his gifts and invite him to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He was thrilled with what we wanted to do. We agreed if Jacob said yes, then we would surrender the conversation over to him so he could lead Jacob to Christ in his native language.
The team gathered in the downstairs living room and I went out to ask Jacob to come inside for a moment. He gladly followed me. I told him how he had blessed our team and how we have been praying for him throughout our stay. I presented the lotions and clothing to him and he was all smiles. I explained how Jesus told me I was to give the mission ball to him and asked him if he knew Jesus. He replied, “Yes!” Then I remembered how the Ghanaian people will accept any god and add him to the pack, so I told him if he accepted Jesus as his God, then he would have to say “no” to all other gods. Then I asked him if he wanted to do it and he looked me right in the eye and said, “Yes, Maame, I want Jesus to be my God!” Joseph took over from there and the GGs all gathered around Jacob and interceded as Joseph led Jacob in the sinner’s prayer. When they were finished we all cheered and then Joseph asked me to pray a blessing over Jacob. When I finished praying, Jacob startled us all. He dropped his things on the ground, fell to his knees and threw his arms up in the air and began praising God for sending us and for saving him. Without question, this was our golden nugget today.
Thank you for praying for him and for preparing the way to usher him into the Kingdom. I told him hundreds of people in America were praying for him already. He was blown away. Joseph said there is a Bible study for Christians who were formerly Muslims and he would get Jacob connected so he can get mentored. We are giving Joseph money to purchase Jacob a Bible from his 7 Abroni Maamies.
Please continue to pray for him and his family. Pray there is no backlash as a result of his conversion. Pray for his wife and children to come to Christ quickly. The veil has been torn away and now this new brother in Christ is hungry to share with his family. He told us the Mission Ball would never be kicked by feet. He plans to put it up in a special place in his house to remind him of this night. We quickly gave him a regular soccer ball for the family.
He went outside to do his job as night watchman and we went up to the balcony on the third floor and danced, worshipped and prayed praising God in celebration. Everyone in this village had to hear us. They may not know what happened tonight at the Mission House, but they know something big took place for sure.
We leave at 6 a.m. tomorrow for our 9 hour drive to the north. Please pray for good health, for safe travels, for Eddie to be well rested and alert, and for more miracles to come our way. Come, Holy Spirit, come!