Have you been watching the rescue of the miners who were trapped in the mine in Chile? It is a miracle these men have stayed alive for so long while trapped in such a small place. They have been captive for more than two months, in small quarters and in darkness. They had to be rescued one at a time. They climbed into a chamber individually and were lifted through a narrow opening that could only accommodate one person at a time. They were given special glasses to wear to protect their eyes from the light because they had been in darkness for so long. One by one they’ve been coming out of darkness into the light with the whole world watching.
I couldn’t help but wonder how this captivating story was a reflection of what happens to us as we pass from the darkness of this world into new life with Christ [Matthew 4:16; John 8:12]. We cannot go to Christ in a crowd. We go one by one through the narrow gate [Matthew 7:13]. Christianity is the one religion you cannot be born into. You are not a Christian just because your parents are Christians. You must make the decision to follow Christ for yourself. He stands at the door and knocks, waiting for you to invite Him into your life, but you must respond [Revelation 3:20].
As you watch the miners come out of the pit being reunited with those they love, remember there is One who loves you dearly [Psalm 40:2]. His desire is for you. He is waiting for you to choose the narrow gate and choose Him. A relationship with Jesus is more than a one time commitment. It is a daily surrender to His will and His ways. Will you choose to follow Him today?