Greetings from Ghana. Today we held our second ladies retreat and we were even more blessed by the way the Holy Spirit moved in us and through us. We didn’t have any flags to share at this church because the ladies from our first retreat claimed them all, so we took rings covered in colorful ribbons for them to use for worship. It is a long standing tradition in Ghana to wave something in your hand in celebration during worship. When we pulled the rings out, it was like children in a candy store. They came running. We hated we didn’t have enough to give everyone.
The Lord moved in power through the teaching and the small groups. Once again, I was so proud of my GGs. They poured themselves out and we reaped a great harvest. Ten women came forward to accept Jesus and their true identity in Christ. The testimonies we had from them were amazing. One woman spoke to everyone saying, “Today, good seed has been planted in our hearts. Protect the seed and water it so it will grow.” It was such an encouragement to us and all we’re doing.
After the program, we came back to the mission house for a wonderful lunch Grace had prepared for us. We had chicken nuggets, fried plantains, beans, salad and French fries. The ladies squealed with excitement over their French fries.
Kim and I went with Eddie to meet his mentor, Ben Kesse. Ben is a very powerful man in Ghana and the Lord told him to mentor Eddie so he has been investing in him and guiding him in his ministry. Some funds had been sent to bless Eddie and his ministry and he wanted us to sit down with him and Ben to determine the wisest way to use those funds. Many people try to pull at Mr. Kesse for his time and they have to schedule appointments with him to meet him; however, Eddie has the favor of God on him. He is welcomed into Mr. Keese’s office or home any time he needs to speak with him. We were so honored to be a part of this meeting and meet such a powerful man of God who is doing so much for Ghana. We pray continued blessings and prosperity upon him because he uses all he has to bless others.
The night watchman at the mission house is a Muslim. Pastor Joseph and Stella hired him to pour into his life with the expressed purpose of leading him to the Lord. Ever since we arrived, he has been watching us closely. Today as we were coming in from our meeting, he asked Kim if she would pray to her God for him. We have seen this as an open door.
Before leaving for Ghana, I was given a mission ball, which is a soccer ball with the full Gospel and the Ten Commandments on it. I didn’t know who I was supposed to give it to, but the Lord clearly spoke and said it was the watchman’s ball. Tonight our team gathered with Stella and Joseph and we prayed over the ball asking the Lord to use it to lead our friend to freedom in Christ Jesus. His name is Jacob. We would like for you to begin interceding for him now. Tomorrow night, we will present Jacob with this ball and share with him how he has blessed us and how we have prayed for him. We will ask him if he would like to know Jesus personally. I cannot wait to share his response with you tomorrow night. I believe God for a mighty work in his life.
Finally, before we retired for the evening, Stella asked us to pray for her. She has had a sharp pain in her right shoulder for days and it has bothered her morning and night. We gathered around her and prayed for her healing. When we finished, she looked up at us astonished and said, “It is gone. It is completely gone.” We celebrated with laughter and clapping and cheers.
God is on the move in Ghana. We are thankful He is allowing us to participate and we are asking Him to send it home with us as well.
Tomorrow we will attend two church services and then return to pack for the north. I do not know what our internet situation will be in the north; however, I will keep you as informed as I possibly can.
We send blessings and love to our families and all of you. We feel the strength of your prayers sustaining us and pushing us forward in all we do.