Do you like shopping at second hand stores? You can find some real treasures in them if you’re willing to search. I love the names of some of them: Reruns, Sweet Repeats, Second Time Around, and our own church sale, Born Again Blessings. They are opportunities for you to take something someone else has used and get some benefit out of it for a fraction of the investment. There is a new store opening on December 15th in West Cobb County called Wellspring Treasures. The proceeds from this store will help fund a ministry which cares for young girls who have been trafficked in Atlanta.
While clothing, shoes, and cookware are fine to gain second hand, you will not benefit from second hand faith. In Galatians 1:10-17, the Apostle Paul is being challenged about his faith. He clearly states his faith did not come from hearing about Jesus from others. He did not journey to Jerusalem and sit down with the 11 apostles to study about Jesus. His faith came from a personal encounter with the living God, Jesus Christ, Himself. They met on the road to Damascus [Acts 9:3-8].
It is important to share your faith with others. Preachers, writers, and Bible teachers would be out of a job if there was no benefit in sharing the Gospel with others; however, it is only a personal encounter with Jesus that will alter your life and usher you into heaven. Others are simply living arrows who point you to the Christ.
Have you had a personal encounter or are you living on the coattails of someone else’s faith? Second hand faith will only get you so far, but when you experience a personal encounter with Jesus, it will carry you all the way home. If you haven’t encountered Him personally, you can. Ask Him to make Himself known to you and teach you about Himself?
Romans 10:9 says ” That if you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” This is just the beginning. He wants a relationship with you. It’s what He died for and it’s what He lives for today.