Have you ever attended a talent show? When I was in high school I would always attend our talent shows, but never participated in them. Last year Laura and I volunteered at the Lighthouse Family Retreat caring for children with cancer and their families over spring break. They have different forms of entertainment each night for the children and their families; however, hands down the favorite night is talent show night. Each child has an opportunity to show off their talent, no matter how big or small. Everyone cheers and goes crazy over it. You’d think you had just seen an Oscar performance and for these kids who battle so much, it is a major accomplishment worthy of everyone’s applauds.
We all have gifts and talents. Some talents and gifts we are born with and others develop over time with a lot of dedication and practice. In Matthew 25:14-30 we read the parable of the talents. Here the word “talent” is referring to money, however, if you read the story in the Message it says “He called his servants together and delegated responsibilities” [vs. 14]. I can’t help but think the Lord was talking about so much more than money.
While He does entrust us with monetary provision and resources, He also gives us gifts and talents to use for the Kingdom [Romans 12:6-8; 1 Corinthians 12:1- 11]. Many of us respond similarly to the third servant in the parable and out of fear do not use what He has given us. We fear we will fail Him in the use of our gifts and talents, so we bury them rather than taking a risk. By doing so, we are failing to be all He created us to be. We’re missing out on the blessings that come from taking the leap of faith necessary to use those gifts and talents and we prevent others from being blessed by them also.
What has God gifted you with? It doesn’t have to be something grand like a singing voice that will allow you to lead thousands into the holy of holies, although some of you probably have that gift. What do you do well? Do it for the glory of God. What do you feel called to but fear you might not be good at? Do it for the glory of God. Until you take the first step of faith, you have no idea what God could or would do through you. He is looking for a heart fully surrendered to Him, willing to do whatever He asks [2 Chronicles 16:9]. Are you the one? Take a chance. With the full support of the Lord you can only succeed. Use what you’re given to the glory of God. If it’s from God, it has to be good!