Have you ever noticed when someone important or famous speaks at an event they always read off a list of accomplishments in the introduction? The person introducing the speaker is sharing this information as a way to honor the speaker but also to give some validity to their message. When we hear a list of accomplishments, we tend to weight what the speaker is going to say as something of value, therefore, we listen and possibly even take notes.
This morning as I sat with the Lord, I couldn’t help but think of how we will come out in droves to hear Beth Moore, Bill Johnson, or Andy Stanley speak, but we have a list of excuses a mile long of why we can’t sit before the Lord to hear what He has to say. We’ll take time off from our busy schedules to attend conferences and workshops where people talk about Jesus, but we fail to take time each day to hear from Jesus Himself. Why?
John the Baptist introduces Him in John 1:29 when he says “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.” I decided to share a list of accomplishments so we might recognize the honor we have in hearing Him speak, but I think I’ll defer to another’s eloquent introduction. Watch and be reminded of the God we serve and the honor we have to speak with Him daily. Won’t you make time for Him today?