Have you ever wanted something so desperately it consumed you? If you’ve ever prayed for a loved one who is sick or fighting death you know the kind of desperation I’m talking about. You pray and then you pray some more and when you’re totally exhausted, you still pray.
Too many people give up on what they’re seeking. They throw in the towel out of discouragement or they allow others to convince them it will never happen.
In Mark 10:46-52 we meet Bartimaeous. He was a blind man who was desperate to see. He was forced to sit at the city gates and beg for everything he needed. I’m certain he would have been glad to put in an honest day’s labor somewhere for a wage if he could. When he heard Jesus was coming, he cried out for the Lord’s mercy. When people told him to shut up, he cried out all the more. He was determined to cry out until the Lord answered him. Compassion moved Jesus to Bartimaeous and Jesus restored his sight and gave him his dignity.
In Luke 18:1-8 we hear of a woman who was desperate for a judge to hear her plea and grant her justice. He, unlike Jesus, wasn’t moved by compassion; however, he wanted her to leave him alone. She refused to be ignored. She was willing to do whatever was necessary to be heard. Her determination, even in the face of failure, moved the judge to act.
What looks impossible to you today? Nothing is impossible with God [Luke 1:37]. Fortunately, we don’t have to sit by and wait for Jesus to pass through our city to ask Him for help. We can talk with Him anytime we want. Cry out to Him and keep pressing in until you see deliverance. Mark 10:27 reminds us “all things are possible with God.” Tell Him what you want and what you need. He’s ready, willing and able.