How many of you watched American Idol this past season? I must admit I get sucked into it every year, primarily because my daughter loves is. One of my favorite shows was when Lauren Alaina sang the song “Like My Mother Does” which left no dry eye in the house. The song is a beautiful tribute to her mother and how she has acquired numerous traits of her mother and is proud of it.
What traits do you have you can trace back to your parents? I physically resemble my mother and our voices sound a lot alike. My younger brother, Steve, has a personality more like my mom, My older brother, David, is the one in our family who physically resembles our father. They have the same stature and facial features. There are times when I’ll see my older brother do something and it will cause me to do a double take because it reminds me so much of my father. While I don’t resemble my father physically, a lot of my personality is him. In fact, all three of us resemble him in some way.
I’ve been reading a lot in the Old Testament lately and family heritage is brought up a lot. The house and line people come from is highlighted. If they did something well, their mother’s name was mentioned; however, if they didn’t do things in keeping with the Lord, the mother’s name often times left out [1 Kings 14:21, 1 Kings 15:2, 2 Kings 12:1, 2 Kings 24:18, and 2 Chronicles 25:1 are some examples].
The phrase “He did what was right in the eyes of the LORD, just as his father…” was listed all through 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles as the kings of Israel and Judah were listed and passed from one ruler to another [2 Kings 15:3, 2 Kings 18:3, 2 Chronicles 26:4, and 2 Chronicles 29:2 just to name a few].
We all have traits from our parents, whether we admit it or not. They have a major influence in how we turn out. If you had positive role models who taught you the ways of the Lord, chances are good you’ve walked in the ways of the Lord. Proverbs 22:6 says “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Many people know someone who has raised a child in a Christian home, teaching them about the Lord, yet their child was still wild. Isaiah 55:11 should be an encouragement to those parents, because the Word of the Lord will not return void. It will be accomplished. Their child may walk through a season of rebellion, but some prodigals have to get as far away from home as they can before they realize home is where they really want to be.
We also all know someone who grew up in a troubled household where the Lord’s name was only mentioned in vain, yet that person is now on fire for the Lord. The Lord’s desire is for none to be lost [Matthew 18:14]. Even those who didn’t have a loving, wonderful father growing up have a Heavenly Father who loves them beyond measure and would do anything for them [1 John 3:16]. He places people all along the path of the lost to lead them to Him.
To all the mothers and fathers out there who are tirelessly teaching Truth to your children, it is not in vain. It will pay off with a high return for your investment. Stay the course and draw strength from your Father who is well pleased with you. For those who aren’t parents don’t think He doesn’t have a purpose for you. He will place you along the path of prodigals so you can be His instrument of change in their lives. He will guide and direct your journey if you trust Him [Proverbs 3:5-6]. He’s a good Daddy and He wants all of His children to take after Him.