Have you watched the new program, the X Factor? It is similar to American Idol; however, there is no cap on the age and the auditions are before a live audience with a panel of judges instead of in a room with only four judges. We’ve watched a few episodes of it and have been blown away by some of the talent. It’s been great to see people older than twenty-eight, the American Idol cut off age, that have ripped the roof off of the place with their voices.
There was one contestant in particular who stood out to me. This woman was forty-two years old. When Simon asked her why she was trying now, she said it was her last shot. She said she’s been singing since she was a little girl. She tried to make a go of things when she was younger; however, the man in her life told her she was a loser and she couldn’t sing. Not only did he beat her physically, but he beat her emotionally and mentally. Once she was given the “Good luck” cue from Simon, she began to sing and a star was born. The crowd erupted early on and didn’t settle down until after she finished her song. Simon, the doubting Thomas of the panel, kept saying “Wow” over and over. Needless to say, she heard “yes” four times and she’s on to the next level.
The Lord has plans for each of our lives [Jeremiah 29:11]. Many times He plants those seeds in our hearts when we’re young children. The enemy will do anything and everything he can to squash our dreams and try to make us believe our dreams are impossibilities. “Nothing is impossible with God” according to Luke 1:37. We also know “apart from God we can do nothing” [John 15:5]. When we take our dreams to Him and place them in His hands, the sky is the limit. Look at what He did with five loaves of bread and two fish [Matthew 14:21, Matthew 16:9, and Mark 6:44]. With Jesus, Peter walked on water [Matthew 14:29].
We need to pay attention to who we’re listening to and who we’re allowing to handle our dreams. Are you listening to the deceiver who came “only to kill, steal and destroy” or the One who came to give “abundant life” to you? Proverbs 16:3 says “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” That includes your dreams. You can trust Him with them. After all, He’s probably the One who planted them in your heart.
What are you dreaming today? Do you have a burning desire to do something different with your life, change career paths? Trust Him with it. Is there a book burning inside of you or a song that needs to be sung or you’ll burst? Trust Him with it. Joseph will tell you from first-hand experience, God likes dreamers and He likes to make their dreams come true [Genesis 37:5, Genesis 45:4]. He is the dream giver and the dream maker. You don’t have to click your heels three times in a pair of ruby red shoes. You don’t have to make a trip to Oz with a witch’s broomstick. You simply have to crawl into your Daddy’s lap, put your head upon His chest and tell Him your dreams. Place them in His capable hands and hold on tight. To quote Stephen Tyler of Aerosmith, “Dream on, dream on, dream on…..”