Have you ever been to the school of hard knocks? You know the one I’m talking about, where they give you the test first and then teach you the lesson. It’s not easy. How do you handle it?
So many times when difficult things happen in life people ask “What can I do for you other than just pray?” as if prayer isn’t going to impact the situation at all. Other times people will try every solution possible and then turn to prayer as a last resort.
Pray carries more power than any other human action. It changes things. Prayer raises the dead [John 11:41-44]. Prayer rescues people from bondage [Acts 12:5-17]. Prayer brings provision [Matthew 14:18-21]. These are just three examples of how sincere prayer brought about miraculous results in Scripture. I’m sure if we polled everyone reading this, we could all testify to a situation where prayer made all the difference in the world.
What difficulty are you facing today? Before you take any other action, pause and pray. What happens just might blow your mind!