Do you like to read? What types of books do you tend to read? I like just about anything except science fiction. The Bible has every type of story in it you could imagine. There have been many times I’ve read a historical work by Francine Rivers or Liz Curtis Higgs and immediately gone to the Word to read the story in true form.
Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers is one of my all-time favorite books and it is one I’ve given as a gift countless times. It is a New York Times Best Seller book and has been flying off bookshelves for twenty years. It is based on the book of Hosea. I’ve read books based on Jacob, Leah and Rachel [Genesis 29-48]. I’ve read books based on the Song of Solomon. I’ve read books based on the book of Ruth. All of these have been top sellers in the Christian bookstore because the stories are intriguing, captivating, and full of adventure. The same is true of action stories. Who wouldn’t want to read a story about the underdog taking out the giant? Indiana Jones has been a famous character for over twenty years, but Ezekiel 37:1-14 is more bizarre than anything Indi encountered in all of his adventures, and it is true.
The greatest book ever written is the Word of God. It offers of love, overcoming, redemption, war, sex, family dysfunction, you name it. Not only is it a good read, but you’ll gain far more than entertainment by reading it [2 Timothy 3:16]. The Word of God breathes life into you and equips you for whatever you’ll encounter in your day. And just think, you can tell people you know the author personally. Why not take some time to read it today?