Did you know even though our country abolished slavery in 1865 there are more slaves in the world, our nation included, than in any other time in history? There are an estimated 27 million people in the world being bought and sold in the human trafficking industry. It is estimated there are 300,000 children a year at risk of becoming victims of human sex trafficking in our nation….our nation. It is almost too staggering to believe, but it’s true. More people unite to fight for the fair treatment of animal rights than for the rights of these children seen as a commodity instead of a human being.
These victims are on the heart of Jesus. He said He came to set the captives free [Psalm 146:7, Isaiah 61:2]. Jesus chooses to work through His church so we must rise up and take a stand [Isaiah 61:1-3, John 14:12]. What can we do? What can you do?
We can all become a voice for the voiceless and take a stand against the commercial sexual exploitation of minors. There are countless organizations desperate for help in this arena. I would like to tell you about three of them today.
Wellspring Living is an organization that treats victims who have been rescued from the trade. They have three stores throughout Atlanta where you can purchase gently used clothing, furniture and household items. All proceeds go to fund the treatment center. You can volunteer your time at one of their stores, you can donate items to them, or you can give financially to the organization to help restore girls who’ve lost not just their innocence but their lives to this heinous crime. Through Wellspring Living, these young girls are able to take back what the enemy stole from them and become healthy and whole again. www.wellspringliving.org
The Not For Sale Campaign is an awareness campaign that is worldwide. They educate people on the atrocities that take place around the world through human trafficking and equip their volunteers to become modern day abolitionist. www.notforsalecampaign.org
A Future Not A Past is an organization that fights on the front lines by lobbying for new laws to protect the victims and bring the criminals to justice in the state of Georgia. They seek to give hope to the victims and assist them in finding the resources they need for healing. www.afuturenotapast.org
I am not telling you what to do, but we all need to do something. Jesus is counting on us. These young girls are helpless without us. I leave you with a poem a friend of mine, Al Selman, wrote about the girls victimized.

Caught In Traffic
Our prayer has been for your kingdom to come
Your glory in heaven and on earth to be done

We ask for your fire and pray for your rain
Plead for healing, an end from the pain

Some barely notice the children in harm
But you, oh Lord, are there with open arms

Two million a year are caught in the web
Behind locked doors they are drugged and led

They are bought and sold as slaves in trade
To provide the pleasures for minds depraved

In dark rooms of horror their bodies are broken
Night after night their childhoods are stolen

As predators all gather to perform sexual abuse
Their judgment foretold with their necks in a noose

While the leaders all know but turn a blind eye
Just to make some profit, they hear not their cries

A sin so dark it’s hard to believe
The lives of children that men would disease

LORD we cry out to bring an ending
The oppression of children and sex trafficking

So tonight when you tuck in your loved ones with care
Say a prayer of thanks that your child has been spared

Remember the ones still confined to dark rooms
Who live each day with sadness and gloom

We cry out for the ones still caught in the snare
Please give us sweet Lord, hearts that care