Are you a mom? If not, I’m certain you have one.  This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  I’d like to challenge each of you to find some special way to honor your mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, and those who have been like a mother to you.
In my book, there is no higher calling than motherhood.  While some women don’t have the opportunity to physically give birth to children, all have the chance to serve as a mother to someone.  Some of us carry a child for nine months then fight physically to bring them into this world, as Mary did Jesus [Luke 2:7].  Others, like Pharaoh’s daughter, become mothers through adoption.  They may not physically struggle to bring the child into the world, but fight, none the less, for them every step of the way [Exodus 2:10].  Still others love those who God brings into their sphere of influence with a mother’s heart and care for them as if they were their own flesh and blood, teaching them how to live a life that honors the Lord [Titus 2:3-5].  Whether you’re a biological mother, adoptive mother or spiritual mother, the role you play in the lives of those you love is critical.
Scripture gives us a glimpse at several mothers who have helped shape men and women of the faith.  In Luke 2 we see Mary, mother of Jesus.  She had the privilege and responsibility of raising the very Son of God.  She supported Him throughout His life, standing by Him from beginning to end [John 19:25].  What more could a child want than the full support of his or her mother, always by their side cheering them on.  Mary was a supportive mother.
In the book of Ruth, we see Naomi, the mother-in-law of Ruth.  Naomi didn’t have an easy life, but she must have done something right, because Ruth was willing to leave her family and her homeland to be with Naomi [Ruth 1:16].  Naomi had Ruth’s best interest in mind when she tried to send Ruth away, but the love Naomi gave and the life she lived encouraged and strengthened Ruth enough to want to remain by her side.  Naomi was a loving, encouraging and selfless mother.
At the cross we see Jesus charging John to care for His mother and be her son in His absence. Jesus also charged Mary to be a mother to John [John 19:26-27].  You may be blessed to have women in your life who didn’t give birth to you nor did you marry into her family; however, she loves you, accepts you, challenges you, encourages you, and pushes you to be all you can be.  If you have one or more women in your life to serve in this role, then you are doubly blessed.
This weekend take time to love on those who have so selflessly loved you, warts and all, and seen you through to today.  They’re not perfect.  They may have made mistakes along the way, but they are no less deserving of your love, respect, and gratitude.  
To all the mothers out there- biological, adoptive, and spiritual- Happy Mother’s Day!  You’re a blessing!