Have you been around small children lately?  I had the opportunity to spend a few days with my niece and nephew who are two and four.  They were so much fun and kept me laughing.  They were game for whatever I suggested we do.  It reminded me of when I taught kindergarten.  It didn’t matter what I suggested to my students, they were ready, able and willing to join in the event.  
One day the upper grades were taking standardized tests so we made every effort to be quiet on our hallway.  The students had done a great job and deserved a little free time on the playground.  Our only problem was we had to walk down the fifth grade hall to get there.  I told them to pretend they were invisible and if they were quiet enough people might not even know we were walking down the hallway.  They were so excited to try it.  We managed to get twenty-nine five year olds down a long hallway and outside without a peep.  When they finally made it outside, they jumped up and down with joy because they did it. “Miss Coggins, we were invisible!” Aaron declared.
This childlike approach to life- a willingness to embrace whatever asked by the Father without question, to accept what you’re given trusting the Giver has your best interest at heart, to carry no burdens or worries around stressing over them- that is what Jesus was talking about in Mark 10:15 when He said, “I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”  Too many times we’d prefer to debate with God rather than listen to Him or obey Him.  He is for us.  Just as the enemy came to destroy us, Christ came to save us and give us abundant life [Jeremiah 29:11, John 10:10].  We’re quick to embrace worry and carry our burdens around as we do a child, holding them close and talking with them frequently.  Jesus told us we’d have trouble, but He said not to worry because He has overcome it [John 16:33].  He told us to cast our cares upon Him [Psalm 55:22, 1 Peter 5:7]. He’ll take care of them for us.
Do you have something bothering you?  Are you living in stress right now?  Take it to Daddy.  He loves to care for His children and He is capable of fixing anything [Luke 1:37].  He’s standing there with open arms waiting to embrace you.  Why not run and jump in your Daddy’s arms.