Do you have a smart phone?  There are so many options out there now, it’s crazy.  Most smart phone operators have an iPhone, but I have the Samsung Galaxy.  It has a lot of the same options and was cheaper.  I’ve often said, “Now that I have a smart phone, I need a smart operator.”  I’ve probably learned how to use a fraction of the options, but it works for me.  
One of the things I love is when a text message comes in, my phone will show a puzzle piece on the front of it with a number indicating the number of text messages I have so I will pick it up and read the text messages.  It continues to show the puzzle piece until I’ve read the text message. 
Saturday morning, I got up early (I know, why would anyone do that) because I had to travel a couple of hours for a meeting.  My sweet husband was driving, so I sat in the front seat enjoying the ride.  I was set.  I had my cell phone resting in the door compartment so I could see if anyone was calling and my Bible in my lap, reading.  When the puzzle piece popped up on my phone, indicating a text message, I giggled.  In my lap I was holding a text message.  It is a message God sent us so we can learn who He is and who we are in Christ Jesus [2 Timothy 3:16].  Each and every day we have a message from God, and sometimes more than one message,  if we would take the time to open the message and read it. We never have to wonder if we have a text message.  If we’re breathing, we have a text message from the Most High God just waiting on us.
You wouldn’t want someone else to read all of your text messages to you or to paraphrase them.  They’re personal.  You want to read them for yourself.  Oh, there are times, like when we’re driving, we may ask someone to read our text message to us, but usually, we read them ourselves. So why do some of us rely on others to tell us what God said to us?  We allow others to read and interpret or paraphrase the Word of God instead of reading it for ourselves.  It’s personal.  In Jeremiah 33:3 God said, “Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”  If you want to know what God has to say to you, you have to be the one doing the searching.  It’s personal.  Many times what He wants to say to me today may be different than what He wants to say to you.  You and I can read the exact same Scripture verse and it means something different to us based on our lives and the circumstances we’re facing.  I repeat…it’s personal.
You have a text message.  What is it saying to you today?