Did you watch the Olympics?  One person posted on Facebook, “We can get back to being productive again now that the Olympics are over.”  The games seemed to captivate the world.  People sat and watch for hours on end.  Then everyone talked about what they watched.  They Tweeted about it or posted on Facebook in case someone missed it.  There were many different competitions that took place in this season’s games.  There were individual events and team events.  Most of these athletes didn’t just prepare for weeks or months for this, but in many cases they prepared a lifetime.
Can you imagine what it would have been like just before the Men’s 4 x 100 Meter Medley Relay if Michael Phelps had said, “You know what guys, I’ve decided to sit this on out and just watch.  There’s plenty of other swimmers around here.  Someone will do it.  Why does it have to be me?” We all would have freaked out. Are you kidding me?  He was created to swim.  They needed him to do his part to be successful and win.
We all see how the team needed Michael Phelps to gain victory, but what about you?  Have you ever paused long enough to realize Christ’s team is counting on you for victory?  No matter how big or small your part is in the war, it is significant.  So many times we see injustice or sin taking place and we just sit back and assume someone else will take care of it.  We choose to sit one out.  Children are being bought and sold on a daily basis for some man’s twisted pleasure and they need you to step up and say “This is not okay with me.”  Your voice could make a difference.  It could be the phone call or the letter that makes someone in Congress say, “Enough already.  We have to stop this.”  These children need for you to be on Team Rescue and not sit this one out.  Whatever you do for them, you do for Jesus [Matthew 25:35-45].
There are hurting hearts out there who have contemplated just checking out from this world.  After all, who would miss them?  They need us to get in the game and let them know they matter.  Their life counts.  We need them.
There is a lost world out there.  People who need someone to invite them to join the team and become part of something bigger than themselves.  God Himself is crying out, “Whom shall I send?” [Isaiah 6:8].  We were created for this.  It is our purpose [Matthew 22:36-40; Matthew 28:18-20; and  Acts 1:8].  We were never created to be bench warmers or spectators.  Life is not a spectator sport. It is time to engage!  The world is counting on it.
Whether you’re the star of the team or you’re brought in for one or two plays, you are important.  Your efforts matter.  God gave you specific talents and skills for the team [Romans 12:4-5].  What are you waiting for?  It’s time to suit up [Ephesians 6:10-18].  The Coach is calling you in to do your part.