Have you ever noticed people make time for things that are important to them? All it takes is one glance into a Starbuck’s drive through line to prove my point.  Even when people are running late to work, they’ll whip into the Starbuck’s drive thru to pick up their favorite brew.  There are countless football widows around the country on the weekends this time of year as men are glued to the television watching pigskins fly through the air as they cheer their favorite teams to victory.  Just so I don’t get accused of picking on the men, how many women complain about never having enough time to get everything done, yet manage to fit four lunch dates with their friends into their busy weekly schedule.  We all do it.  We all juggle our calendars to accommodate the things we value most, whether it’s a mani/pedi or an eighteen hole prayer walk.
So where does that leave the Lord?  Where does He fit into our schedules? Do we make time to spend with Him each morning, or does He not quite make the cut on the priority list for our daily routine.  To get up early and have quality time with Him, we might have to sacrifice our favorite late night television program or an evening event with friends so we can get enough sleep to keep our eyes open in the morning when we meet Him.  Is He worth it? 
We can’t say Jesus is a priority in our lives and not spend time with Him.  We can’t develop intimacy with Him only visiting on Sunday mornings, when it fits into our schedule. The word relationship implies an intimacy. Saying we’re in a relationship with Jesus and not spending time with Him is like saying we’re a fan of a team and never watching them play.  It just doesn’t happen.
I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with watching football, getting nails done or hanging out with your friends.  Those are all good things.  We just need to keep them in perspective.  We were created for two things: To know Jesus and to make Him known.  Everything we do should line up with those two purposes.
Making Jesus known can take place on the sidelines of a football game or over a cup of coffee, but until Jesus becomes our number one priority, we can’t make His children our priority.  We won’t have anything to feed them. We won’t have anything to give. We can only pour out what we’ve had poured into us.
Where does Jesus land on your priority list?  Has He made it at all?  Is He mid-way up?  He’s made it abundantly clear in Exodus 20:3 where He expects to be on the list. Take some time today to evaluate your priority list.  Before you start moving things around, ask Jesus the order He wants for your list. He’s dying to tell you.