Do you ever wonder if anyone is listening to you? You write or say something and wonder if anyone cares.  There are days I find myself asking, “Is there anybody out there?” As a blogger, I get up each morning and ask the Lord what He wants to say through me.  I recognize there’s a lot of noise in the world today and I don’t need to simply add to it.  I write what the Lord places on my heart for the day and trust it to land wherever He’ll direct it. After I hit post, I rest in knowing I’ve been obedient to do what He called me to do.
I used to feel like I was just spinning my wheels when I’d check my blog and see 0 comments for a post.  I would think, “Where are the people?  Is anyone reading this other than my mother?” Every now and then I would get an email from a reader telling me they didn’t know how to leave a comment, but wanted me to know how much they loved the post and felt it spoke to them personally. Then after I began linking my blog to Facebook and Twitter I started receiving one or two comments on my Facebook page or I’d see the blog post being forwarded to a friend or shared on another page. One day I had a reader contact me and tell me her husband had printed out one of my posts which he carries in his Bible and shares with others when he feels led. While all of those things make me feel good, they are not why I write.
The Lord calls us to follow Him [Matthew 4:19, Mark 1:17, Mark 8:34]. By following Him, we are to do what He does [John 15:10].  Christ was always obedient to what His Father called Him to do, even unto death [John 5:19, Luke 22:42]. So, I don’t write my blog for the comments left by others, although they are nice to receive.  I write my blog for one simple reason… because He told me to write it. 2 John 1:6a says “And this is love: that we walk in obedience to His commands.” Peter reminds us in Acts 5:29 we are to “obey God rather than men.”  When I write, I write for an audience of One and trust Him to take it, bless it and use it for His purposes.  The results are not my concern.  He didn’t call me to get results.  He called me to obey Him, and He called me to write and post the blog.
What about you?  What has God called you to do? Have you been like Moses in Exodus 3:11, slow to obey, listing all the reasons why you’re not the one to do it? God doesn’t need for you to work out the details.  The success of what He is calling you to do doesn’t rest with you; it’s up to Him [1 Thessalonians 5:24].  He’s searching for obedient hearts that are fully surrendered to Him [2 Chronicles 16:9]. Don’t allow excuses or fear to hold you back from being obedient.  Go for it! You may fail by the world’s standards, but if you’ve been obedient to the Lord in the process, then you’ve succeeded in the only way that counts.