What has God done lately in your life?  Do you have to pause and think about it or are you dying to tell someone the latest WOW moment you’ve had with God? When one believer shares a personal story of how God transformed their life or how He stepped in to make a way where there appeared to be no way, people pay attention.
When I worked with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I required all of the members of my leadership team to share their testimony from the stage.  I can remember the deer in headlights look on their faces when they realized they were going to have to do it.  In their minds, they had to have this overwhelmingly emotional story of accepting Christ as Lord and Savior and it intimidated them tremendously.  I explained to them a testimony is simply sharing what God has done in their lives. All I was asking them to do was tell of a time in their lives when God showed up and did something only God could do.  It may be that He forgave them from their sins, making them a new creation [2 Corinthians 5:17].  But it could also be how He gave them peace in a situation that seemed anything but peaceful [Philippians 4:7]. The purpose of a testimony isn’t to draw attention to yourself or your sinful state. The purpose of a testimony is to draw attention to God and His amazing power, grace, and love. John 4:39 says, “Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in Him because of the woman’s testimony, ‘He told me everything I ever did.’” The focus wasn’t on the multiple husbands the woman had or the fact that she was living in adultery at the time.  The focus was on Jesus and His ability to know everything about her and still offer her everlasting life.
What’s your story?  What has God done in your life recently that would open the eyes of another? Take a moment and share in the comments.  You have no idea who the Lord may bless by your willingness to share. It might be something simple or it could be huge.  As long as it points people to Jesus, it is worth telling. The good news is we aren’t held responsible for the impact of our story, we’re just called to tell it. What’s your story?